Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Pass this Political Slang Quiz. Can You?

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Are you politically savvy?

See how much you know about the ins and outs of politics by giving the definition of these typical political slang words.

 Jun 28, 2017

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If someone is a "Blue Dog" they are...
A Republican who is likely to side with Democrats on certain issues.
A Democrat who is likely to side with Republicans on certain issues
A dog with blue fur

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In an election, a "blue state" is...
A state where people tend to vote for the Democratic Party
A state where people tend to vote for the Republican Party
A state where the grass is blue

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If two candidates are in an "air war" they are...
A war fought in the air
The battle between candidates for advertising
Engaging in an air force ritual

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What is "hard money"?
Money that's made of coins only
Money contributed to a particular campaign by an individual
Cash that weighs a certain amount

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"Greenwashing" is the process by which...
A company becomes environmentally friendly
Your laundry comes out green
A company makes themselves seem environmentally friendly

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"Independent Voters" are...
Voters who are single
Registered voters who haven’t declared a party affiliation
Voters who live outside the country

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What is a "purple state"?
A vote which is 100% Republican
A vote which is 100% Democratic
A state which could vote either Democratic or Republican

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A person who is "left-wing" is...
Somebody who isn't interested in politics
Somebody who’s more liberal than conservative
Somebody who’s more conservative than liberal

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What do you call a state that tends to vote Republican?
A star-spangled state
A donkey state
A red state

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What is a "ballot"?
A method of secret voting
A speech given by the President
A tie between two Presidential candidates

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The acronym CAVE stands for...
Citizens Against Virtually Everything
Crying After Various Elections
Careful About Viruses Everywhere

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Coming from the famous incident with Jim Jones and his followers, which slang term means to blindly support popular ideology?
Drinking the punch
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