Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Can Pass This Dirty Dancing Test. Can You?

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How well do you remember Dirty Dancing?

See how well you remember the classic film Dirty Dancing with these questions about the plot, characters and dialogue.

 Dec 07, 2017
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What does Baby bring to the party?
a cake
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What song is playing when Baby drops off the watermelon?
"Big Girls Don't Cry"
"Happy Birthday"
"Rock Around The Clock"
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Whats Baby's sister name ?
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What year was "Dirty Dancing" set in?
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What were "bungalow bunnies"?
Women whose husbands only come to the resort on the weekends
Women who dressed as bunnies around the resort
Women who threw parties in their resort bungalows
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Finish these lyrics: “Yes I swear it’s the truth…”
“…and I owe it all to you.”
"…time of my life with you.”
“…with my body and soul.”
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When is the first time Johnny lifts Baby for an audience?
The Sheldrake performance
The end-of-season talent show
During rehearsal
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Baby provides his alibi.
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Who accuses Johnny of theft?
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Why does Jake forbid Baby from being with Johnny?
He hates dancing
He doesn't want him with his daughter
He thinks Johnny fathered Penny's baby
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Which dance does Johnny initially teach Baby?
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Name the resort where Penny and Johnny perform.
Mount Holyoke Cottage
The Sheldrake
Catskill Mountains Lodge
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Why does Baby need to borrow money from Jake?
To pay for flights home
To pay for Penny's abortion
To pay for dance lessons
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Baby plans to enter the Peace Corps.
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What is Baby’s real name?
Frances Housman
Frances Smith
Frances Jones
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