Quiz: No Politician Has Ever Scored 10/13 On This Quiz - Can You?

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Do YOU have what it takes to make America great again?

Take this test to see how well you really know politics and our government with questions on American and general political terms

 Jan 24, 2018

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Which of the following means a "government ruled by God" ?

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Which of the following figures rules a republic?
Prime Minister

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Which of the following is ruled by a king or queen?

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If a U.S. candidate receives the most votes, but not more than half, will the candidate win?

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How tall was James Madison?
6' 2'' and weighed about 315 lbs
6' 6'' and weighed around 240 lbs
5' 4'' and weighed only 100 lbs

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Which has more power: the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. Government?

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Why was the Nixon/Kennedy debate such a historical moment?
It was the first debate ever to be on national TV
Nixon fainted
A dog ran onto the stage

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True or false? Democracy means God decides how the state is run.

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Slavery was nearly abolished in the USA in 1784, but the motion fell short by ________ vote(s)?

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Why did the Articles of the Confederation fail?
Weak central government and no state cooperation
House of Representatives and Senate could not agree
The President was incompetent

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What fraction of states must agree to any amendments made to the U.S. Constitution?

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Britain is an example of a unitary government. True or false?

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What unlikely item did Thomas Jefferson invent?
the swivel chair
the first motorized car
the toupee
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