Quiz: No American Can Name All Of These British Desserts. Can You?


Could you have dessert with the Queen?

Prove that you know British culture with this picture-based quiz! All you have to do is match the picture of the food to the British dessert it is!

 May 21, 2018
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Though there is a lot to be proud of when it comes to American desserts, British desserts also have a lot to offer. Often reflecting the cold climate of the United Kingdom and often attached to some historical significance, typical British desserts don’t make it to the world stage as often as American classics do, such as American Pie and Peach Cobbler. Some of the most desserts to come out of England, Scotland, Wales. and Northern Ireland (and those which you will find in this quiz) include trifle, scones, banoffee pie, Christmas pudding, bakewell tart, custard tart, eaton mess, summer pudding, mince pie, syllabub, treacle tart, battenberg cake, chorley cakes, caraway seed cake, malt loaf, cherries jubilee, and Bedfordshire clanger. Many British desserts are typically served around holidays and special events, for example, no British Christmas holiday is complete without figgy pudding. Some desserts are perfect for a summer afternoon, such as the lovely summer pudding, while others are typically taken over high tea, such as scones, which are normally served with jam and cream and may or may not be filled with sultanas. Of course, the perfect accompaniment to any British dessert is an English cup of tea, similar to what the Queen herself would enjoy! Though not as famous as their American counterparts, British desserts are just as delicious, satisfying as rich and deserve as much recognition. So how many of these typical British desserts can you name? Take the quiz, look at the pictures, and find out now!