Quiz: Only A Real Police Officer Can Score 10/15 On This Tricky Law Test

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You have the right to remain silent. Except, you know, when answering these questions.

Take this quiz to see how well you really know the law in the United States by answering questions about various state and federal laws.

 Dec 01, 2017
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Fill in the blank: A search _____ is a court order that authorizes law enforcement to conduct searches.
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What is the legal drinking age in the US?
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True or false: legally, children between 6 and 16 must attend school
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What is the legal driving limit for Blood Alcohol Content in all 50 states?
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If you commited perjury, what did you do?
Lied to a cop
Lied to your mom
Lied under oath
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What is the federal punishment in the US for first-degree murder?
A large fine
Community service
Life without parole or death penalty
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If you are arrested, and you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, the state will ____.
Give you a job so you can hire your own lawyer
Automatically put you in jail
Assign one to you
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GTA stands for:
Great Team Award
Get That Assailant
Grand Theft Auto
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A "Permanent Resident Card" is also known as what?
Birth certificate
Global entry card
Green card
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Which of the following states have decriminalized the medical use of cannabis?
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TC stands for _________.
Time Clock
Taser Carrier
Traffic Collision
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Is it compulsory to vote in the US?
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If you were to shoplift, you could be charged with what?
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Brown v. Board of Education implemented what?
A woman's right to vote
Desegregation of public schools
Free college education
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Miranda Rights were named after...
The case Miranda v. Arizona
Miranda from "Sex and the City," who is also a lawyer.
Miranda Lambert
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