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Merry Quizmas!

It's time to find out how much you know about Christmas! Take this quiz on old traditions, hymns and customs to do with Christmas.

 Nov 29, 2017
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Christmas falls on which date each year?
It changes
December 31
December 25
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From a Christian perspective, what does it commemorate?
The creation of the world
The death of Jesus
The birth of Jesus
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Which of these treats is commonly associated with Christmas?
Chocolate brownies
Apple pie
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Which of these is NOT one of Santa's reindeer?
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What carol is known as the counting song?
Jingle Bells
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
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Traditionally, who in the family opens the first present?
Eldest child
Youngest child
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In the carol "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", what kind of pudding is mentioned?
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What part of the Grinch's anatomy makes him so mean?
His long fingers
His heart which is two sizes too small
His brain
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Name the highest-selling Christmas single of all time
Last Christmas
White Christmas
Mary's Boy Child
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What is Scrooge's first name?
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What was the original name of "Jingle Bells"?
One Horse Open Sleigh
All the Way
Dashing through the Snow
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Which of these is NOT another name for Santa?
St. Nicholas
Father Christmas
Old Man Red
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In most versions of the Nutcracker, what is the little girl's name?
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On what street did a miracle to do with Christmas occur?
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The glittery material hung on Christmas trees is known as............
Artificial snow
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