Quiz: If You Can Get 16/18 On This Test You're Basically Jesus' Disciple


Do you have what it takes to make Jesus proud?

Find out whether you could be Jesus' disciple by answering questions about Christianity, religious figures and the bible.

 Feb 05, 2018

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What did Jesus' father Joseph work as?

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Which of these did Jesus ask of his followers?
Love thy neighbor
Do not worship false idols
Do not steal

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After taking Holy Communion, what must you do in Church?
Read from the hymn book
Pray silently

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Who discovered Jesus' empty tomb on Easter Sunday?
Mary Magdalene
John the Baptist
The Virgin Mary

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Where did Joseph take his family after Jesus' birth?

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Which of these do you do in Lent?
Go to church every day
Make a sacrifice
Eat a feast of meat

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Good Friday marks what?
The birth of Jesus
The crucifixion of Jesus
The ascension of Jesus into heaven

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Who of these was NOT an apostle?

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King Solomon was known for his...................

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"Advent" is often celebrated with an Advent Calendar, during the few weeks before which holiday?
The Assumption

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Which of these miracles did Jesus NOT perform?
Turning invisible
Walking on water
Feeding thousands with little food

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What was the name of the sea on which Jesus walked?
The Sea of Galilee
The Mediterranean Sea
The Dead Sea

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What does the word "gospel" literally mean?
Good news
Pertaining to Jesus

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Jesus famously rode what animal into Jerusalem?

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What did David use to defeat Goliath?
A sword
An axe
A sling

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Why did Noah have to build an ark?
The world was flooded because God was angry
The world was flooded after a huge tidal wave
The world was flooded because there was abnormal weather

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Who ordered Jesus to be crucified?
Herod Antipas
Pontius Pilate
Herod the Great

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How many apostles did Jesus have?
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