Quiz: If You Can Get 100% On This Test, You're Smarter Than Bill Gates

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Are you secretly a genius?

Find out if you're smarter than the geniuses of the world by answering these questions on the subjects of geography, English and science.

 Jan 24, 2018

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What is larger: the sun or the earth?
The sun
The earth

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What country is the city of Melbourne located?

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What is the first element of the periodic table?

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How many continents are there on earth?

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What century was it in 1678?

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What country did the satellite Sputnick come from?

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Which of the following does caffeine NOT do?
Put you to sleep
Decrease your appetite
Enhance your performance

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What is the capital of Norway?

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If somebody is a celiac, which of the following can they NOT eat?
Potato chips
Sponge cake

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Which of the following is an antonym for happy?

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In what country is Mount Everest located?

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Which of the following foods are rich in iron?
Potato chips
Red meat

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Which of the following is a hyperbole?
I’m so happy I could die.
I’m so sad I could cry.
I’m so tired I could fall asleep.

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Name the playwright who wrote the play Hamlet.
William Shakespeare
Tennessee Williams
Arthur Miller

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What is the capital of Egypt?
Tel Aviv
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