Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be A Pro Pastry Chef


So you think you're a pastry chef?

Use this quiz to test your knowledge on everything a pastry chef should know, including baking methods, utensils and practices.

 Jan 24, 2017
1 of 15Pick your answer!
What word refers to cooking sugar until it breaks down?
2 of 15Pick your answer!
Reduction is when a liquid is cooked until some of it evaporates. True or false?
3 of 15Pick your answer!
What basic food is made from flour and water to form dough?
4 of 15Pick your answer!
Name the utensil which is used to scrape the sides of a bowl.
5 of 15Pick your answer!
Which tree do cocoa beans come from?
Cacao Tree
Coco Tree
Chocolate Tree
6 of 15Pick your answer!
Which part of the hand is mostly used to knead bread?
7 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the consistency of something which has been creamed?
8 of 15Pick your answer!
The purpose of greasing is to prevent food from sticking to the pan. True or false?
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What is the hole in dry ingredients into which liquid is poured called?
The point
The pit
The well
10 of 15Pick your answer!
What does whipping add to ingredients?
11 of 15Pick your answer!
To pit something means to…
Remove the seeds
Chop it
Blend it
12 of 15Pick your answer!
Name the instrument which is used to flatten dough.
Rolling pin
13 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the point of chilling ingredients?
To add flavor
To lower temperature
To change the consistency
14 of 15Pick your answer!
What has higher nutritional value, whole wheat flour or white flour?
Whole wheat
15 of 15Pick your answer!
To fold ingredients, one must mix as quickly as they can in a circular motion. True or false?
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