Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Are A Rochester Local

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Are you really from Ra-Cha-Cha?

See how much you know about Rochester, NY by taking this quiz and answering questions about local food, customs and landmarks.

 Sep 23, 2017
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What is the name of the Rochester dish featuring a combination of foods including a cheeseburger?
Garbage Plate
Rubbish Plate
Rochester Plate
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In which county is Rochester located?
Suffolk County
Monroe County
Nassau County
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If you call someone a "315", what do you mean?
They are very short
They are overweight
They're from Wayne County
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If you order a "Genny" at a restaurant, you're asking for _________.
a plate of peanuts
a beer
hot sauce
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What is the name of Rochester’s most famous sauce?
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If your friend says they have to run to "Wegs", where are they going?
A famous movie theater
The mall
Wegmans Grocery Store
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Rochester lies next to which lake?
Lake Eerie
Lake Ontario
Lake Michigan
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What is a ‘white hot’?
A sausage
A cake
A drink
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If your friend says her boyfriend is "tidbits", she means that he's ______.
frugal or cheap
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Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Rochester?
The City of Trees
The Flower City
The World’s Image Center
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What is the Rochester word for what others call hamburger?
Jucy Burgs
Mince in a bun
Ground steak
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Wushi is ____________.
Wegman's sushi
A park in Rochester
A jock
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Which of the following is a popular custard franchise in Rochester?
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The popular sports team is _______.
Buffalo Bills
The Giants
The Jets
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Drinking water comes from the ______.
the river
finger lakes
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