Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Riddles Quiz, You Could Be A Surgeon


Could you be a surgeon?

See if you have what it takes to be a surgeon by using logic and intelligence to solve these classic riddles.

 Sep 23, 2017

1 of 15Pick your answer!

What has a neck and no head, two arms but no hands?
An elephant
A shirt
A human

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You heard me before, yet you hear me again, then I die, ‘till you call me again. What am I?
A teacher
An echo
A student

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Bright as diamonds, loud as thunder, never still, a thing of wonder. What is it?
A fire
A waterfall
A rocket

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Hands she has but does not hold, teeth she has but does not bite, feet she has but they are cold, eyes she has but without sight. Who is she?
A doll
A widow
A nurse

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Some try to hide, some try to cheat, but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might, to guess my name, I promise you'll know, when you I do claim. What am I?

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Weight in my belly, trees on my back, nails in my ribs, feet I do lack. What am I?
A plane
A ship
A bus

7 of 15Pick your answer!

If a man carried my burden he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. What am I?
A fairy
A thief
A snail

8 of 15Pick your answer!

Voiceless it cries, wingless flutters, toothless bites, mouthless mutters. What is it?
A baby
The moon

9 of 15Pick your answer!

Thirty white horses on a red hill, first they champ, then they stamp, then they stand still. What are they?

10 of 15Pick your answer!

I go around in circles, but always straight ahead. Never complain, no matter where I am led. What am I?
A dog
A wheel
A child

11 of 15Pick your answer!

Glittering points that downward thrust. Sparkling spears that never rust. What am I?
An icicle
A necklace

12 of 15Pick your answer!

Alive without breath. As cold as death. Clad in mail never clinking. Never thirsty, ever drinking. What am I?
A boat
A plane
A fish

13 of 15Pick your answer!

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What is it?

14 of 15Pick your answer!

What makes a loud noise when changing its jacket, becomes larger but weighs less?
A balloon
A bride

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Feed me and I live, give me drink and I die. What am I?
A baby
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