Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Quiz, Congrats You're A Political Genius

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Are you politically savvy?

Find out how well you really know the world of politics by answering these questions and defining political terms like "anarchy".

 Aug 22, 2017
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What is the word used to describe the absence of a ruling authority?
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What is an amendment?
A political speech
A political party
A change to the Constitution
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What kind of law is a bill?
Law that's been removed
Proposed law
Law that's set in stone
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Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
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Who did the Declaration of Independence release the U.S. from?
Great Britain
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What are civil liberties?
Individual freedoms that can’t be taken away
Debt each person has to pay
A person's obligation to work
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Which of the following is NOT a political party?
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What is feminism?
The belief that men are better than women
The belief that women and men are equal
The belief that women are better than men
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Which word describes a socialist state?
Primitive economy
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What is the act of implementation?
Brainstorming laws
Putting laws into practice
Debating other candidates
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What civilization does the word “democracy” come from?
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If a person is independent, what party are they affiliated with?
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What is civil war?
A war fought between two nations
A war fought within a country
A war where nobody is killed
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How old must you be to run for President in the U.S.?
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What does the word autocracy mean?
A regime where the people have all the power
A regime where the King has all the power
A regime where the government has all the power
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