Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Military Quiz You're Basically A General


Think you know the military?

Take this quiz to see if you know as much about the military as you think by answering questions on the navy, army, air force and marines.

 Oct 30, 2017

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Unless they're officers or pilots, what are people in the navy known as?

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What is the domain of people in the army?

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Who is the principal decision-maker for the military?
There’s a council
The General
The President

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What are reserve personnel?
People who serve in the military as needed
People who used to serve in the military
People who serve in the military full time

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Two US Presidents earned the rank of 5-star General. Which of these men did NOT?

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Is the US Air Force part of the army?

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Marines and sailors aren't the same thing. Why not?
Marines train to fight on land
Marines don’t fight
Marines serve on planes

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What does the Marine corps motto "Semper Fidelis" mean?
Only One
Always Faithful
Never Alone

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Name the process of compulsory military participation, which many countries still practice.

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What sector of the military is known for wearing bell-bottom trousers.
Air Force

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What is a veteran?
Someone who doesn’t want to serve in the military
Someone who served in the military
Someone who abandons the military

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What do troops learn in a "drill"?
How to sing
How to march
How to fight

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What is the word given to new people in the military?

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Name the branch of military that is usually small and conducts specialized work?
Special Forces
Armed Forces

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What do the air force mainly use?
Land vehicles
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