Quiz: If You Can Get 10/10 On This, You're A New Yorker At Heart


So you think you're from NYC?

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on New York City and see whether you're a real and true local or just a tourist in disguise.

 Jan 24, 2017
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Subway tokens were discontinued in the city in 2003. True or false?
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Before the internet, what would you use to find out what concerts were happening?
The Village Voice
New York Times
New York Daily News
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When is Brooklyn-Queens day?
First Friday in September
First Thursday in June
First Monday in March
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What used to reside at what is now a Citibank in Union Square?
A Starbucks
A Virgin Store
A Bodega
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What’s the difference between on line and online?
On line means standing in line, online is the internet
They both mean the internet
On line is the internet, on line means standing in line
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Which of the following refers to an alcoholic beverage?
Fairy Floss
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Which of the following celebs is NOT from New York?
Jennifer Garner
Alicia Keys
Jennifer Lopez
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What are Delaney Cards?
An attendance-keeper and seating chart
A reward for good behavior
A warning card
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“Brick” means really cold. True or false?
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What kind of cuisine is Jackson Heights famous for?
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