Quiz: If You Can Ace This Fire Safety Test, You Must Be A Firefighter

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Calling all firefighters!

Find out whether you have what it takes to be a firefighter by answering questions about the way fires work and the way they are fought.

 Feb 24, 2018

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What is the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck?
An engine pumps water
An engine doesn't carry people
An engine carries more people

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Who do firefighters work for?
The fire hall
The fire department
The fire station

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Where do structural firefighters usually work?
In houses and buildings
In the open fighting wildfires
Only in situations where people are stuck in the fire

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Why do fire trucks go to some medical emergencies, even if there's no fire?
Because they have to evaluate the area
Because there could always be a fire
Because they have paramedics on board

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What is the purpose of a fire chief car?
To carry the fire chief to emergencies
To be used as a training truck for new firefighters
To carry coffins at the funerals of fallen firefighters

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What do fire engines pump?
Water and foam
Dry ice

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Why do firefighters wear heavy clothing?
It protects them from the heat of the fire
It gives them protection from falling objects
It keeps them from getting hypothermia on cold nights

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What is the name of this special clothing?
Emergency gear
Fire gear
Bunker gear

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At what age do firefighters usually retire?

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What do firefighters do while waiting at the station for an emergency?
Sit in the engines ready to go
Rest or play games

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Why are axes, cutters, rams, and blades stored on fire trucks?
To prevent people from playing on fire trucks they see
To help firefighters gain entry to the building
It's tradition

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What do firefighters do when they run out of water?
Turn to street supplies like water hydrants
Return to the station to fill their engines
It's impossible for the water on a fire engine to run out

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Which of these things does a fire NOT need to ignite?

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What is a firebreak?
An area that is too cold for fire to thrive in
A toolkit designed especially to deal with fire
Areas of ground that a fire can't get past

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Why should you never put water on a hot oil fire (like you might get on a stove top)?
It could result in a fireball
It makes the smoke thicker
It does nothing and wastes water you might need later

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Firefighters come when an elevator is stuck.

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Firefighters wear ______ clothing.

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Which of these do firefighters NOT use?
soft hats
heavy coats
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