Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Police Slang? 90% Fail.

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Whether you work in the police department or binge watch Cops, let's see just how much slang you know. All units, stand by.

Find out if you know a thing or two about police lingo by answering questions about the slang officers use.

 Oct 26, 2017
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Which of these would best describe an "amateur night"?
New Year’s Eve
Christmas Day
Ordinary Saturday night
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What is an "ambulance monkey"?
A criminal
A paramedic
A witness
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What's another way of saying “disregard that"?
Remember that
Never mind that
Let’s talk about that
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What does DWI stand for?
Dancing While Intoxicated
Driving While Interrogated
Driving While Intoxicated
5 of 15Pick your answer!
If a criminal is "twisting off", what are they doing?
Running away
Getting angry
Giving up
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Are the sirens on or off during a "run code"?
Depends on the officer
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What kind of officer is a "blue flamer"?
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What does J4 signify?
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If you are told to "standby", what must you do?
Respond immediately
Don’t act on something yet
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How would you describe someone who’s "squirrely"?
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If you’re "hooking" somebody, what are you doing?
Talking to them
Letting them go
Arresting them
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If a suspect is "good for the crime", do you think he’s innocent or guilty?
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What do "flying colors" indicated?
Illegal Immigrants
Drug dealers
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What do the cops have to recite when arresting someone?
Miranda Rights
O Come, All Ye Faithful
The Pledge of Allegiance
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What is a "mope"?
A person who lies
A person who owes money
Somebody who’s useless
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