Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember "St. Elmo's Fire"?

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Can you remember this classic 80s movie?

Test your memory by taking this quiz and answering questions about the classic film "St. Elmo's Fire".

 May 04, 2018
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What university did the graduates attend?
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Who is the student that Kirby has been infatuated with since college?
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What is the group's favorite college hangout?
St. Elmo's Bar
St. Elmo's Diner
St. Elmo's Park
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Which of these is NOT a problem that Billy faces?
He can't stand his wife
He lost his job
He's mourning the loss of his dog
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Why won't Leslie marry Alec?
She wants to have a career first
She doesn't really love him
She doesn't think they're ready
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Who accuses Kevin of being gay?
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Who did Alec cheat on Leslie with?
His secretary
Her sister
A saleswoman
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Why does Wendy want to only remain friends with Billy?
She doesn't date people who her friends know
She doesn't trust him
She's not attracted to him
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Jules reveals she is having an affair with:
Her married boss
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Why does Billy attack someone in the bar?
He is harassing a waitress
He provoked him
He's with his wife
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Why does Jules throw Billy out of the car?
He is too drunk to talk to
He makes a pass at her
He berates her for her affair
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Who does Leslie end up sleeping with after she breaks up with Alec?
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Why does Jules lock herself in her apartment?
She is angry at Billy
She never wants to see her boss again
She wants to freeze herself to death
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Where does Billy move to after deciding to divorce his wife?
New York
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Where does the group decide to get brunch at the end of the movie?
At Kirby's house
St. Elmo's
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What does everyone tell Billy?
He's a nice guy
He's special
He's a jerk
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What did Dale do for a living?
She was a fashion designer
She was a nurse
She was a doctor
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Who leaves at the end of the movie?
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