Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember Elvira?


Do you really remember the film Elvira? Test your knowledge of this cult classic and prove that you really are the ultimate fan of the Mistress of the Dark!

Test your knowledge on the film Elvira, Mistress of the Dark by answering these questions about the film.

 Oct 12, 2017
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Which of these is most probably Elvira’s favorite color?
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How would you best describe Elvira’s accent?
Valley girl
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What kind of pet does Elvira inherit from her great-aunt Morgana?
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Name the town where Elvira goes after the death of her great-aunt.
Spooky Town
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How do the townsfolk react to her?
With hostility
With curiosity
With hospitality
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What kind of creature is her uncle Vincent?
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What is Elvira eventually arrested for?
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She is sentenced to a primitive punishment. What is it?
Burning at the stake
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Who tries to free her from jail?
The teenagers of the town
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Elvira summons rain when her stake is lit. How does she do this?
Using a spell
Using Morgana’s ring
Using a magic wand
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What happens to the mansion after Vincent and Elvira battle?
It self-destructs
It burns
It gets messy
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To where does Elvira banish Vincent?
The underworld
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How do the townspeople react after the battle?
They run away from here
They apologize to Elvira
They exile her from town
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What does Elvira end up inheriting from Vincent?
His estate
His spell book
His pet rat
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She achieves a dream with the money she inherits. What is it?
Suing her former boss
Opening her own show in Las Vegas
Buying a TV network
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