Quiz: Grinch VS Kringle -- How Much Christmas Spirit Do You Actually Have?

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Are you Santa's Helper or the Grinch's sidekick?

Answer the questions in this quiz honestly and we'll tell you whether you have lots of Christmas Spirit or could use a little more!

 Dec 21, 2017
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How many Christmas carols do you know?
Literally all of them.
More than 10
Less than 5
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What's your favorite part about Christmas?
Time off work
Time with my friends and family
Getting gifts
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Pick a holiday treat!
Christmas coookies
Eggnog -- very, very spiked eggnog
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Have you ever kissed someone beneath the mistletoe?
Yes--it's a tradition of mine! PUCKER UP.
Once or twice
Of course not
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How do you feel when you wake up Christmas morning?
Hungover, usually.
Kind of excited
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What is your big holiday meal?
Every meal is done up big at my house.
I found some beef jerky.
Christmas dinner
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When do you open Christmas gifts?
As soon as I get them
Christmas Eve
Christmas morning
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What do you leave out for Santa?
Milk and cookies
Carrots for the reindeer
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What do you decorate your house with?
A nativity scene
Stockings and holly
A giant tree and lights
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Pick a Christmas movie!
Home Alone
It's a Wonderful Life
Christmas with the Kranks
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Are you a fan of re-gifting?
Only in extreme situations
I do it all the time
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How many Christmas sweaters do you own?
More than 5
1 but I love it
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What's your go-to Kris Kringle gift?
Michael Bublé CD
Scented candle
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How do you feel about advent calendars?
They're my favorite!
I loved them when I was little
I'm not into chocolate
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What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?
11:00am if I can get away with it
Before 9:00am
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