Quiz: Don't Call Yourself A Movie Buff If You Can't Get 16/18 On This Test

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Calling all movie buffs!

Prove you're a real movie buff by answering questions about popular movies like Dirty Dancing, Titanic, The Lion King and Back to the Future.

 Mar 20, 2018

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Who does Dorothy Gale drop her house on in The Wizard of Oz?
The Wicked Witch of the East
The Wicked Witch of the West

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What kind of jewel does Cal gift Rose in Titanic?
A rare blue diamond
An emerald
A sapphire

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Who kills Mufasa in The Lion King?

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Where do the von Trapps escape to at the end of The Sound of Music?

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What year do Marty McFly and Doc Brown first travel back to in Back to the Future?

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In Dumb and Dumber, where are Harry and Lloyd trying to get to?
New York
Las Vegas

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What part of Italy do the Corelones come from in The Godfather?

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What kind of creature is the titular character in Shrek?
An alien
An ogre
A giant

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Name the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean that Jack Sparrow was exiled from
Flying Dutchman
Queen Anne's Revenge
Black Pearl

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Why does Daniel Hillard dress up as a nanny in Mrs. Doubtfire?
Because he likes to
To see his children
To get back at his ex-wife

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Which country does William Wallace fight against in Braveheart?

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Where does Kevin McAllister's family go when they leave him home in Home Alone?
New York

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Which of these sports does Danny Zuko NOT try to impress Sandy in Grease?

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What fruit does Baby carry to the staff party in Dirty Dancing?

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Name the priest who finally saves Regan in The Exorcist
Father Karras
Father Merrin
Father Harris

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In Jaws, they need a bigger _____.

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Julia Roberts dies in Steel Magnolias

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Annie hopes the "sun will come out" when?
one day
right now
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