Quiz: Could Your Culinary Skills Actually Succeed Under Pressure?


Would Gordon Ramsay approve of you?

Find out if your cooking skills are as good a you think by answering these basic culinary questions any chef should know.

 Nov 04, 2017
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Which of these would you use to make stir-fry?
Electric mixer
Baking dish
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How do you know when to stop whipping cream?
When soft peaks have formed
When it tastes sweeter
When it turns yellow
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What will corn starch do to a sauce?
Make it watery
Make it taste sweet
Thicken it
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Which of these ingredients causes tears?
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Is it okay to use the same chopping board for meat and vegetables?
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What part of the chicken is usually the driest?
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If fish has been filleted, what has happened to it?
The bone has been removed
It has been cured
It has been grilled
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Which of these is NOT used to coat food being fried?
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What does oil do when sprayed on a pan?
Make the dish look better
Help ingredients not to stick
Make things taste better
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Name the utensil used to see if meat is cooked through
Meat thermometer
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What would you normally season with?
Salt and pepper
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At what heat would you normally cook stir-fry?
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Name the yellow part of the egg
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What kind of steak is stiff to touch?
Well done
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Which of these ingredients must NEVER be eaten raw?
Cake batter
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