Quiz: Could You Make It Through The First Five Days Of Police Academy?

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Could you really be a police officer? Here's your chance to prove it!

Answer the questions in this quiz about national laws and police techniques to find out whether you have what it takes to be a police officer.

 Feb 20, 2018

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Who issues a search warrant?
Police chief
A judge

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Which of these police ranks is the highest?

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Which of these is the lowest police rank?

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The right to remain silent is part of which set of rights?
Samantha Rights
Miranda Rights
Carrie Rights

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What does "vandalism" refer to?
Stealing property
Defacing property
Unintentionally murdering someone

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What should a police officer do if back up is a few minutes away?
Try to arrest the suspect alone, even if it's dangerous
Let the suspect go and then pursue them when backup arrives
Stall the suspect

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In the US, which is higher: the legal drinking age or the legal driving age?

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Can you ever search a property without a warrant?
Only if the owner allows you to
Yes, warrants are only in movies

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Which of the following is NOT a federal offence?
Drug smuggling
Parking in an illegal space

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Is the Chief of Police of higher rank than the Captain?

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Which of these is more serious: a felony or a misdemeanor?

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What is your best chance of reducing violence in a situation with an angry person?
Making threats
Using profanity
Staying calm

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This is the geographic area in which a law applies:

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The Reid Technique teaches police to look for anxiety in suspects. This is useful during....

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If you cannot afford an attorney, what happens?
One will be appointed to you
Your parents will have to pay for one
You will have to represent yourself

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What do "Flying Colors" indicate?

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True or false: legally, children between 6 and 16 must attend school

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What's a "TC"?
Traffic collision
Takeover control
Taser code
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Have you ever asked yourself, would I make a good Police Officer? Should I join the force? Police academy can be a tough and rigorous process, so take this quiz before you commit to see if you could make it! If you're already a Police Officer or are a Veteran of the Force, take this quiz as a fun challenge to see how much you remember from your early Police Academy days! This Police quiz asks about law enforcement trivia, police slang, and how to become a police officer. Think you have what it takes to be a cop? Take the quiz now!