Quiz: Could You Make It Through Law School? These 15 Questions Will Tell

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Are you smarter than Elle Woods? Prove it!

Take this quiz to find out how far you'd get in law school by answering questions about the legal system and defining simple legal terms.

 Feb 04, 2018

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What do you call a person who initiates a lawsuit in a court of law?

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Which area of law deals with family matters including marriages, custody and support?
Contract law
Criminal law
Family law

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What do you call a group of citizens chosen to hear evidence and make a decision in a court of law?

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Which among the following is not among your Miranda Rights?
Right to freedom
Right to an attorney
Right to remain silent

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What do you call a person who testifies under oath before a court of law?
Defense Lawyer

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What do you call the decision of a jury?
Final order

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Name the information used to persuade the jury or judge to make a particular decision

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What term refers to petty offenses that are typically punishable by fines, but not jail time?

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What kind of law is is used by the government to prevent people from breaking laws, and punish people who do break them?
Criminal law
Property law
Contract law

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In which of these states is the death penalty illegal?

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What is the legal age of consent in the US?
Between 16 and 18
Between 19 and 21

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How many people usually make up a jury?

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Counsel is another word for................

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If you're not happy with the a court's ruling, what can you do?

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What role does the defendant take in the court room?
They defend themselves
They make the decision
They bring the lawsuit
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