Quiz: Could You Get Away With Murder?


... not that you would. But could you?

Answer the questions in this quiz to find out whether you could actually get away with a crime or whether you'd leave behind evidence.

 Mar 25, 2018

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If someone is acting "squirrely", how are they acting?

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Is first-degree murder intentional or unintentional?

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Would you ever commit a crime without gloves?
It depends

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If you needed to buy equipment to commit a crime, like rope, where would you buy it?
A store on the other side of town
My local store

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Which of these would you do before committing your crime?
Turn the lights on in my house so it looks like I'm home
Wear different sized shoes to throw police off the scent
Clear my car of evidence

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Which of these would you wear before committing a crime?
A jacket with long sleeves
A hair net
Steel-capped boots

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Would you ever take photos of your own crime scene?
Yes, but I'd never show them to anyone

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Where would you hide a body if you had to?
Get rid of the body by burning it
Bury it in my backyard
Throw it into the sea

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What separates second-degree murder from first-degree?
It is not intentional
It is justifiable
It is not planned

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What is the federal penalty for first-degree murder?
Death or life with parole
10 - 99 years with parole
Death or life without parole

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Which of these is an example of voluntary manslaughter?
Planning the murder of a boss guilty of underpaying staff
A bar fight that results in a death, started because of a racial slur
A bar fight that results in death

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Under what circumstances would you brag about your crime on social media?
If they had a suspect to distract them from any more searching
If the police closed the case

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In how many states in first-degree murder a felony?

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Which of these items could you put in your pocket to make you look scarier?
Banana (looks like a gun)
Toothbrush (looks like a knife)
Roll-on deodorant (looks like a grenade)

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If you were leaving behind a ransom note, how would you write it?
Write it with my usual writing hand
Type it
Write it with my non-dominant hand

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Which of these is an example of involuntary manslaughter?
Death caused by drunk driving
Revenge killing on an old abuser
Stabbing someone because of their infidelity

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If you were to get arrested, what do the police have to recite to you?
Miranda Rights
The Pledge of Allegiance
The National Anthem

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What is "Double Jeopardy" ?
A terrific movie starring Ashley Judd
The notion that you can't be tried for the same thing twice
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