Quiz: Can You Remember These 22 Disney Classic Moments Most Fans Forgot?

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Disney fans only past here!

Answer questions about your favorite Disney classic movies like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Aladdin!

 Nov 24, 2017
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What does Snow White make the dwarfs do before eating dinner?
Go to work
Clean the house
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Why does Pinocchio follow Honest John instead of going to school?
He wants to look for his father
He wants to go to the fair
He wants to be an actor
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Who alters Maleficent's curse on Aurora?
Prince Phillip
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Why do Jim Dear and Darling have Aunt Sarah stay at their house while they are away?
To take care of their baby
To look after Lady
To watch out for burglars
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What do the March Hare and the Mad Hatter celebrate at their tea party?
The doormouse's birthday
The anniversary of their friendship
Their unbirthday
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Where does Edgar take Duchess and her kittens when he catnaps them?
The city of Berlin
The French countryside
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Which of these creatures does Merlin NOT turn Arthur into?
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Who makes Cinderella's first pink-and-white dress?
Her Fairy Godmother
Her step sisters
The mice
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What does Ariel trade in order for Ursula to make her a human?
Her voice
Her father's triton
Her hair
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How does Simba end up in the ravine in the first place?
The hyenas chase him down there
Mufasa tells him to meet him there
Scar lures him down there
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Why does Mulan join the army?
Her mother forces her to
She's bored at home
To take her father's place
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How does Mary Poppins get to the front of the line of potential nannies?
Mr. Banks fires the others
A wind blows the others away
She asks the others to leave
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Why does Peter Pan visit the Darling's home each night?
To see if they will adopt him
To play with Nana
To hear Wendy's stories
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Why does Jafar want the lamp in the first place?
To wish the Genie free
To wish to be sultan
To wish for Jasmine to fall in love with him
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What does Hercules defeat first?
The Titians
The Hydra
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How does Prince John lure Robin Hood to the festival?
He has an archery contest
He promises to give up the crown to him
He threatens to hurt Maid Marian
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What do the forest animals call Bambi?
Little prince
Prince Bambi
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In Pinocchio, what do the boys turn into at Pleasure Island?
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What does Dumbo hold in his trunk when he flies?
A flower
A feather
A peanut
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Where do Pongo and Perdita meet for the first time?
In an elevator
At the store
In the park
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What does King Louie ask Mowgli for?
Protection from Shere Khan
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What does Beast give Belle as a gift?
The library
The west wing
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