Quiz: Can You Remember These 20 Dirty Dancing Moments Most Fans Forgot?

Dirty Dancing

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 Nov 23, 2017
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"That was the summer of 1963 when everybody called me ____, and it didn't occur to me to mind. "
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What dance do Baby and Lisa learn from Penny?
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It's revealed at dinner that Baby is enrolled at Mount Holyoke College. What will she study?
4 of 20Pick your answer!
Who does Baby first dance with?
5 of 20Pick your answer!
Baby helps Billy carry what to the staff party?
Wine boxes
6 of 20Pick your answer!
What song are the couples dancing to at the staff party when Baby enters?
Where Are You Tonight
(I've Had)The Time of My Life
Do You Love Me
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Where is Penny cowering when Baby finds her?
In the kitchen
On the golf course
In her room
8 of 20Pick your answer!
Johnny offers Penny part of his salary for what?
An abortion
A house
A plane ticket
9 of 20Pick your answer!
What does Baby throw at Robbie after she threatens to have him fired?
A pitcher of water
A purse
A shoe
10 of 20Pick your answer!
Who eventually gives Baby the money to give to Penny?
Dr. Houseman
11 of 20Pick your answer!
And how much is it?
12 of 20Pick your answer!
Why can't Penny dance with Johnny at the Sheldrake?
She broke her ankle
She's mad at Johnny
She has a doctor's appointment
13 of 20Pick your answer!
How much experience does baby have when she offers to dance for Penny?
A little
A lot
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What dance does Johnny first teach Baby?
The foxtrot
The mambo
The tango
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Johnny develops Baby's sense of balance for the lift? How?
He makes her stand on one leg
He makes her dance on a tree trunk
He makes her dance with her eyes closed
16 of 20Pick your answer!
Why don't Johnny and Baby perform the lift at Sheldrake?
Johnny is injured
There is a power shortage
Baby is too nervous
17 of 20Pick your answer!
Why does Dr. Houseman have to save Penny?
She had a reaction to the procedure
She didn't go to her appointment
Her abortionist was a quack
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Why is Johnny furious at Robbie, eventually beating him up?
Lying to Dr. Houseman
Dating Lisa
Impregnating Penny
19 of 20Pick your answer!
Why does Johnny perform the last dance of the season, even though he's been fired?
He always does it
He needs the money
To prove Max wrong
20 of 20Pick your answer!
How does Johnny introduce Baby in the final performance?
His girlfriend
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