Quiz: Can You Pass This NYC Subway Etiquette Test?


Are you rude on the subway?

Prove that you're a real New Yorker by taking this quiz all about the dos and don'ts of subway travel.

 Oct 01, 2017
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If you get stuck at a turnstile in rush hour, what do you do?
Let others pass
Ask for help
Keep trying until you get through
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If you’re standing at the doors and people are getting on, what do you do?
Squeeze to the side
Make them go around you
Step off
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What should you do if you are approached by a panhandler?
Ignore them
Give them what they ask for
Insult them
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Is it ever okay to tip musicians on the subway?
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Which of these should you NOT do on the subway?
Glance at people
Stare at your phone
Stare at people
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Do most New Yorkers enjoy small talk with strangers on the subway?
It depends
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Where should you put your valuables when riding the subway?
Side pockets
In a bag
Back pockets
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Who has right of way: people getting on the subway or coming off?
Coming off
Getting on
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What kind of food should you never eat on the subway?
Food that’s in a container
Food that smells
Food that’s cold
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Where do you put your rubbish when exiting the subway?
Leave it in the car
Trash cans
The tracks
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What should you do with the poles?
Hold on for safety
Lean on them
Block them from others
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Where should you put your bag?
On the seat next to you
On the ground
On your lap
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When is it okay to put your feet on the seat?
When it’s crowded
In rush hour
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Who of these people should you give your seat up to?
A man returning from work
A young school boy
A pregnant woman
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When can you stand by the doors?
If there is no room anywhere else
All the time
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