Quiz: Can You Name These Marvel Characters?

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You might know Spider-Man, but what about the rest?

Prove that you are as big a Marvel fan as you think you are with this picture-based quiz! Just name the Marvel characters to pass!

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The world of Marvel has captivated audiences for years. Marvel started in 1939, when it was operating under the name Timely Publications, until the name was better known as Atlast Comics in the late 1950s. The year that Marvel launched "The Fantastic Four", 1969, it was generally well known as Marvel. Some of the main creators to come up with the most popular superheroes and their stories were Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. The majority of characters created by Marvel exist in one single reality widely known as the Marvel Universe. Many of the locations in the Marvel Universe actually mirror real locations, and New York City in particular is a setting for many of the superheroes and their famous stories. The Walt Disney Company added to its empire in 2009 by acquiring Marvel Entertainment. Some of the major superheroes Marvel has created include Alexander Pierce, Alecia Masters, Asylum, Atlas, Aurora, Avelanche, Baron Strucker, Baron Zemo, Batroc the Leaper, Battering Ram, Ben Parker, Captain America, Captain Britain, Captain Cross, Captain Stacy, Captain Universe, Damage Control, Danny Rand, Daredevil, Dark Phoenix, Darkhawk, Earthquake, Electro, Elektra, Elixir, Emma Frost, Fabian Cortez, Felicia Hardy, Firebird, Firelord, Firestar, Gabe Jones, Galactus Garia, Gene Sailors, Genesis, Hairball, Harpoon, Havok, Hawkeye, Hellion, Iceman, Imp, Ink, Invaders, Invisible Woman, Jackpot, Jane Foster, Janus, Kabuki, Karnak, Katie Power, Lake, Landau, Leech, Mad Thinker, Madrox, Maggott, Naoko, Neula, Nekra, Omega, Onslaught, Paibok, Patriot, Quasimodo, Rachel Grey, Random, Spider-Man, Tag, Talos, Ultragirl, Vulcan, Wallow, Yellow Claw and Zeigest. To see how well you know the world of Marvel, take this quiz now!

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