Quiz: Can You Name All Of These 80s Songs By Their Title Antonyms?

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Can you name all these 80s SONGS that are disguised with antonyms?

Solve this quiz by providing the real names to popular songs from the 1980s that have been written with opposite words.

 May 17, 2020

1 of 30Name this song!

When Eagles Laugh
Don't You Want Me
When Doves Cry
Time After Time

2 of 30Name this song!

Ears of the Lion
Don't You
Flashdance...What a Feeling
Eye of the Tiger

3 of 30Name this song!

Dyin' on an Answer
Sweet Child O' Mine
With or Without You
Livin' on a Prayer

4 of 30Name this song!

Up Above
With or Without You
Come On Eileen
Down Under

5 of 30Name this song!

Veggie Boy
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Super Freak
Candy Girl

6 of 30Name this song!

Pure Hate
Wake Me Up before You Go-Go
Tainted Love
Blue Monday

7 of 30Name this song!

I Don't Want to Sing Alone
Like a Prayer
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Another One Bites the Dust

8 of 30Name this song!

Satisfied like the Rabbit
Walk Like an Egyptian
Hungry Like the Wolf

9 of 30Name this song!

Let's Not Sing
Let's Dance
Into the Groove
Jessie's Girl

10 of 30Name this song!

Limited Hate
Endless Love
Bette Davies Eyes
Time after Time

11 of 30Name this song!

Mama Does Preach
Papa Don't Preach
How Will I Know

12 of 30Name this song!

Out of the Water this Morning
In the Air Tonight
Pour Some Sugar on Me
We Are the World

13 of 30Name this song!

Singing in the Light
Money for Nothing
Under Pressure
Dancing in the Dark

14 of 30Name this song!

Above Ease
You Spin Me Round
Into the Groove
Under Pressure

15 of 30Name this song!

East End Boys
West End Girls
Karma Chameleon

16 of 30Name this song!


17 of 30Name this song!


18 of 30Name this song!

Money for Nothing
West End Girls

19 of 30Name this song!

Call Me

20 of 30Name this song!

Free from Hate
Addicted to Love
Upside Down

21 of 30Name this song!

Careful Scream
Careless Whisper
Hurts So Good
Coming Up

22 of 30Name this song!

Don't Need You this Morning
Say You, Say Me
Need You Tonight
Don't You Want Me

23 of 30Name this song!

Give Off You
Take On Me
Here I Go Again
With or Without You

24 of 30Name this song!

Evil Father of Yours
Every Breath You Take
Billie Jean
Sweet Child O' Mine

25 of 30Name this song!

Red Friday
Blue Monday
Call Me
Down Under

26 of 30Name this song!

You Walk
I Ran
Push It

27 of 30Name this song!

Come on Eileen

28 of 30Name this song!

Hate Mansion
Love Shack
Word Up!
Candy Girl

29 of 30Name this song!

Really Normal
Billie Jean
Super Freak
Down Under

30 of 30Name this song!

Big Blue Ford
99 Luftballons
Rock Me Amadeus
Little Red Corvette
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