Quiz: Can You Get Above 60% On This ULTIMATE IQ Test?

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Most people fail this quiz ... how will you measure up?

Wondering how smart you really are? Find out how high your IQ really is by answering a range of general knowledge and random trivia questions.

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While intelligence has traditionally been linked to one's ability to solve problems using logic, you can arguably measure intelligence by just how much a person can remember and understand about the world. The extent of a person's general knowledge about random trivia subjects including pop culture and entertainment, geography, history, sport, art, food, animals, science, literature, English, and other areas may actually show a lot about their intelligence levels. Do you know how many players there are in a baseball team, or which US state is the nearest to the old Soviet Union? How about what the chemical symbols are for elements like carbon and potassium, or at what temperature water freezes in Fahrenheit? Having a wide range of general knowledge includes knowing facts such as which country gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States, and which of the planets is closest to the sun, and which country was the first to have a female prime minister (hint: it wasn't the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, or any country that's typically western in culture and you would think would be ahead of the curve with things like that!). To pass this quiz, you'll need to know about the presidents that were in office over the years, the nicknames of different US cities, for example the city known as that of "Brotherly Love", different species of sea creatures like sharks, whales, and crustaceans and the various continents and countries of the world and their capital cities. Take our quiz to find out how you'll do!

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