Quiz: Can You Get 10/15 On This 2 Minute Southern Slang Quiz?

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Hopefully, you're not too citified to take this test...

Prove you're really from the South by taking this slang quiz and translating Southern phrases into English.

 Sep 25, 2017
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If something "doesn't amount to a hill of beans", how would you describe it?
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How would a Southerner say that a storm is coming?
The rains are coming
A storm is on its way
It's blowin' up a storm
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Is something that's "over yonder" close or far away?
Far away
It can be either
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Finish this phrase: "She was madder than a wet......."
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What does "if I had my druthers" mean?
If I was healthy
If I could turn back time
If I had things my way
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Finish this phrase: "She's as pretty as a......"
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Translate: "We'll be there if the creek don't rise."
We'll be there no matter what
We'll be there unless something uncontrollable happens
We won't be there
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Finish this phrase: "I'm full as a......"
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How would a Southerner say, "I'm exhausted"?
I'm broken down
I'm worn slap out
I'm beat
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What does "hold your horses" really mean?
Sit down
Slow down
Calm down
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How would a Southerner say "shut up"?
Be shushed
Quieten your voice
Hush your mouth
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If someone is "too big for their britches", how would you describe them?
He thinks a lot of himself
He is very smart
He's shy
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What is "gumption"?
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If your "back teeth are floating", what room will you be visiting?
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What is a "hissy"?
A kind of party
A Southern drink
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