Quiz: Can You Get 10/15 On This 2 Minute Culinary Quiz?

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Think you might be a culinary master? Are you a true talent in the kitchen? Do you love cooking meals for yourself and your friends? Take this quiz and find out!

See if you really know your way around a kitchen by taking this quiz and answering questions about cooking and ingredients.

 Sep 26, 2017
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What is the main herb found in pesto?
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Can you re-freeze ingredients that have been defrosted?
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Halibut is a type of what?
Red meat
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Where is most of the fiber in an apple located?
The skin
The flesh
The core
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Which of these is NOT a way to soothe eyes that burn from onion?
Make sure the area is ventilated
Put a silver spoon in your mouth
Eat chocolate while you're cutting
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Is folding a slower or faster movement than beating?
They're the same
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Which of the following can you absolutely not serve raw?
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Hummus is made from what?
Broad beans
Split peas
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Which of the following tricks help guacamole to stay green?
Leaving the avocado pit in the bowl
Putting over ice
Sprinkling with sugar
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Before putting cooked meat in the fridge, what must you do?
Wrap it up
Slice it up
Let it cool down
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The protein in eggs is found mostly where?
The yolk
The white
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Which of these is NOT an ingredient in traditional custard?
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How would you describe fettuccini pasta?
Like spaghetti but thicker
Short and stuffed with meat
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Iceberg, butterhead and romaine are all kinds of what?
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Fish sauce is traditionally associated with which cuisine?
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