Quiz: Can You Decipher The Meaning Of These 16 Old-Fashioned Phrases


Old souls only!

Take this quiz and decode the meanings behind famous phrases like "bite the bullet" and "give the cold shoulder".

 Nov 22, 2017
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Bite the bullet
Hurry up
Accept something that's difficult
Go hunting
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Blood is thicker than water
You shouldn't commit crime
Family is the most important thing
You should stay hyrdrated
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Break the ice
To stay humble
To pretend that you have something when you don't
To commence a project or initiate a friendship
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Butter me up
Giv eme dessert
Put sunscreen on me
Flatter me
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Cat got your tongue
Someone is at a loss for words
Someone spends too much time with their pet
Someone is too confident
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Caught red-handed
Caught in the act
To go cold turkey
To beat around the bush
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Eat humble pie
Asking for directions
Confessing to your sins
Apologize to someone
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Giving the cold shoulder
Letting someone know they're not welcome
Welcoming someone into your home
Telling the truth
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To go cold turkey
To end something abruptly
To eat lunch
To go outside in the cold
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Go the whole nine yards
To play football
To avoid trouble
To try your best
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To kick the bucket
To play soccer
To go to bed
To die
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Let your hair down
To have a beauty treatment
To get a medical check up
To relax
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No spring chicken
Someone who is always angry
Someone who is past their prime
Someone who loses everything
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You razz my berries
You're really great
You make me mad
You like fruit
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To rub the wrong way
To tell a secret to someone
To irritate someone
To make someone laugh
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Run amok
Break the law
Go to bed early
Go crazy
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