Quiz: Can You Actually Get 10/15 On This Presbyterian Slang Quiz?


Are you confident with your Presbyterian slang?

See if you're a true Presbyterian by answering these questions about the different words used in the church, like "presbytery" and "debts".

 Nov 08, 2017

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What is the communion table?
The table that holds the bread and wine
The table which children are placed on
The table at the back of the church

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What's another word for the Lord's Supper?

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A "manse" is a house owned by the congregation. Who lives in it?
The sick
The poor
The minister

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There is another word for "manse". What is it?

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What is the session?
The mass
The group of people who make decisions for the church
A special kind of mass

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The session has another name. What is it?
Church grounds
Church prayer time
Church council

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A session is composed of elders. What is the criteria to be an elder in the Presbyterian church?
Wisdom and competency
Life achievements

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There are two kinds of elders. What is the name of the kind of elder who comes from the congregation?
Local elder
Ruling elder
Teaching elder

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What about the kind of elder who serves as pastor?
Teaching elder
Wise elder
Serving elder

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What is the full name of the minister?
Minister of the Word and Sacrament
Minister for Jesus
Minister of the church

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The presbytery is a group of what?

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Presbyters are people who attend presbytery meetings. What kind of people are they?
Church goers

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Name the person who runs the presbytery.

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What does the Book of Order contain?
Text written by Jesus
Secret messages only Presbyterians are allowed to read
Instructions for church life

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What is the presbyterian word for "sin", which is used by other Christians?
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