Quiz: Can These 18 Deep Questions Reveal A Secret Side Of Your Personality?


What is lurking beneath the surface of your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Answer the questions in this quiz to find out the truth about your personality and whether you're a romantic, a worrier, an empath or super ambitious!

 Feb 06, 2018
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What kind of weather makes you feel the most relaxed?
Soft rain
Clouds in summer
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If you found a stray cat poking around your kitchen, what would you do?
Adopt it right then and there
Take it out and then get the kitchen fumigated
Give it some food and take it to the vet
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Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Definitely with kids
Doing a job I actually like
With a lot of money
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How many times do you usually hit snooze?
I wake up before my alarm, so never
Only the once
Four or five ...
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What kind of movies make you feel the best?
Children's movies
Romantic comedies
Crime thrillers
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Is having kids important to you?
I would love them, but there's other things I want to
I don't know--the thought of it scares me a bit
It's the most important thing
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What would you take with you to a desert island for a week?
A first-aid kit
A novel
A laptop
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Which of these careers calls to you the most?
Event planner
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Which word best describes your personality?
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Do you think you could handle being famous?
No way
Probably, as long as I had support
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Do you believe in working on the weekends?
No, weekends are for rest
Only if you must
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What is your go-to outfit to impress?
A power suit
A flowy, comfortable skirt and top
A red dress
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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Of course not
Of course
Only in rare cases
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Do you believe in second chances?
Only if they're earned
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What is the biggest obstacle in your life?
I'm too passionate
I'm too selfish
I'm too fearful
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What makes you feel better when you're down?
Helping others
Distracting myself with work
Dreaming of the future
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If you found a chest of treasure, what would you do?
Sell it and invest the profits
Take it in to the police
Leave it there in case it's cursed
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What scares you the most?
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