Quiz: Are You Southern Enough To Ace This Louisiana Slang Test?

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Are ya'll ready for this quiz?

See if you know as much Louisiana slang as a Southerner should by picking the right translation of the typical Louisiana slang word.

 Feb 28, 2017

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"Laissez les bon temps rouler" is a French saying meaning...
Having a hard time
Hanging out with friends
Let the good times roll

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If your mom tells you to "save" something, she means...
Put it away
Get rid of it

3 of 14Pick your answer!

"Making groceries" is when you are...
Putting food on the table
Cleaning up

4 of 14Pick your answer!

If you are "making a pass," you are...
Stopping to hang out
Picking on somebody
Hitting on somebody

5 of 14Pick your answer!

Who are you referring to when you say "mama and dem"?
The whole family

6 of 14Pick your answer!

"Rodier" is a verb that means...

7 of 14Pick your answer!

"Come see!"
Look at something
Go away
Come here

8 of 14Pick your answer!

If someone is "cher," they are...
Older person

9 of 14Pick your answer!

"Tennies" are...
Football Boots
Tennis Shoes
Kids Shoes

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One of your chores is to "pass the mop," or...
Go somewhere quickly
Dirty the floor
Clean the floor

11 of 14Pick your answer!

“Pinch the tail and suck the head” is what you do when...
You eat crawfish
You feed your dog
You go on a date

12 of 14Pick your answer!

If you order your po' boy "dressed" you get it...
With all the toppings
With a side of chips

13 of 14Pick your answer!

What is a “snoball”?
The same thing as a snow cone
A ball of snow used for snowball fights
Similar to a snow cone, but with different kinds of ice

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In any other state, a "parish" is...
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