Quiz: Are You Smarter Than The Average 16 Year Old?

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How do you compare to a teenager?

Use this quiz to help you see if you are really as smart as a teenager by answering questions about science and English.

 Dec 27, 2016
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What is ROYGBIV?
An acronym for the planets in order
The colors of the rainbow
A flesh eating disease
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A man rides into town on Friday, stays 3 days, and leaves on Friday. How is this possible?
His horse's name is Friday
Time travel
The week is only 3 days long
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5 + (3 x 4) = ?
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What is the biggest organ in the human body?
Large intestine
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What is a pathogen?
A dog breed
A microorganism that causes disease
Lab equipment
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Sarcasm is a form of indirect language. True or false?
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When writing a formal letter, which of the following do you begin with?
Hey Mary
Dear Mary
Dear Ms. Jones
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Which of these gases is mainly responsible for acid rain?
Natural Gas
Sulfur Dioxide
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What is an important part of expository writing?
Use of metaphors
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How do antibiotics work?
They restore dead skin cells
They stop you from drinking dirty water
They stop bacteria reproducing
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Which of the following is using the imperative tense?
Are you eating the cake?
Eat that cake
Would you like to eat the cake?
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What is the order of the earth’s layers, beginning in the middle?
Crust, Mantel, Core
Core, Crust, Mantel
Core, Mantel, Crust
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