Quiz: Are You Puerto Rican Enough To Ace This Christmas Food Test?


So you think you're a true Boricua?

Take this quiz and prove you're a real Boricua by answering questions about Puerto Rican Christmas foods.

 Nov 27, 2017
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How would you describe Almoabanas?
Cheese fritters
Fish soup
Broiled meat
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What is served with the rice in Arroz con Gandules?
Pigeon peas
Fava beans
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Which of these is pickled bananas?
Mofongo con Salsa de Tomate
Pernil Asado
Guineos en Escabeche
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What drink is most similar to Coquito?
Sparkling wine
Orange juice
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How is Lechon (roast pig) served on Christmas Day?
Whole on a spit
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What are Pasteles usually wrapped in?
Plantain leaves
Vine leaves
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Is Tembleque savory or sweet?
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How would you describe the taste of Morcilla blood sausage?
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What color is Longaniza sausage?
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How are these sausages usually presented on Christmas Day?
With cheese
In bread
With toothpicks
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What sort of salad are you likely to find on the Christmas table?
Tomato salad
Potato salad
Green salad
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Who would especially appreciate Guineo en Escabeche on Christmas Day?
Those watching their cholesterol
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What is Pitorro?
A dessert
An appetizer
An alcoholic drink
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Which of these is NOT an ingredient in the Christmas soup Chuletón?
Orange rind
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What is Arroz con Dulce?
Rice pudding
Roast meat
Vegetarian rice
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