Quiz: Are You Maryland Enough To Pass This 16 Question Challenge?

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Good morning, Baltimore!

Find out if you know enough about Maryland by taking this quiz and answering questions about the local food and culture.

 Oct 30, 2017
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The Ravens are named after what?
A 17th-century game
The state bird
Edgar Allan Poe’s poem
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Gator Ron’s is what?
Bloody Mary mixer
Sweet Tea
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What shape is Ledo’s Pizza?
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Which of these people was NOT born in Maryland?
Leonardo DiCaprio
David Hasselhoff
Francis Scott Key
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What does Faidley’s in Baltimore specialize in?
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What is the Preakness Stakes?
A New Year party
A Halloween tradition
A horse race
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Which of these foods reminds you the most of Maryland?
Hot dog
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What song are these lyrics from: Every day's like an open door, every night is a fantasy…
Streets of Baltimore
Good Morning Baltimore
Miss Baltimore Crabs
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What is the state sport of Maryland?
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Which of these horror films was filmed in Maryland?
The Blair Witch Project
The Conjuring
The Sixth Sense
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What are Berger cookies dipped in?
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Finish this sentence: Old Bay is the world’s best……
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Where do you get Fractured Prune Donuts from?
Ocean City
White Plains
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A very popular sport in Maryland
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What is Natty Boh?
A museum
A kind of candy
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Maryland is often called _______________.
the best place to ski.
the leader of lobsters.
Little America
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