Quiz: Are You Italian Enough To Ace This Christmas Food Test?

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Do you know your baccalà from your eel?

Prove that you're really Italian by taking this quiz and answering questions about Italian Christmas feasts.

 Nov 27, 2017
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Italians never eat _____ on Christmas Eve.
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Baccalà is what?
Salted cod
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And when is it usually eaten?
Lunch, Christmas Eve
Dinner, Christmas Eve
Dinner, Christmas Day
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Is panettone sweet or savory?
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What is typically the first thing to be eaten at Christmas Day lunch?
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Which of these is the most popular pasta to have on Christmas Day?
Fettuccini Carbonara
Spaghetti Marinara
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What is usually served after pasta?
Roast meat
Barbecued meat
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Melanzane Parmigiana would be an alternative to Lasagne if your Christmas guests are what?
Lactose intolerant
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Ossobucco is usually made with what meat?
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Torrone is often gifted at Christmas. What is it made of?
Honey, sugar, and egg white
Cream cheese and sugar
Flour and butter
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When are Zeppole usually made?
The day after Christmas
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
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How are Tortellini usually served on Christmas Day?
In green sauce
In broth
In red sauce
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How many fish dishes are served on Christmas Eve?
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When does the Lemon Sorbet come?
At the end of the meal
In between courses
At the beginning of the meal
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Pizzelles are basically what?
Waffle cookies
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