Quiz: Are You Getting Coal Or Presents For Christmas This Year?


Have you been naughty or nice?

Answer questions about your personality and life in this quiz and we'll tell you whether you're on Santa's nice list or not!

 Nov 30, 2017
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What do you do with Christmas presents you don't want?
Regift them to other friends or family.
Keep them for myself, of course! Maybe one day I'll need them.
Donate them to the neighborhood shelter. Someone else can appreciate them!
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How often do you leave out cookies for Santa and the reindeers?
Cookies for Santa? I thought that plate of cookies was for me.
Leaving out cookies was a family tradition when I was still a kid.
I make him cookies from scratch every year.
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What would you do if you found Santa stuck in your chimney?
Quickly help him out of the chimney!
Check to see what goodies has has in his bag while he's stuck up there.
Deliver the rest of the presents. Think of the children!
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What do you do when carollers come to your door?
Answer the door and welcome them.
Join in and sing along! I love caroling!
Hide behind the door… If they can’t see me, they’ll have to go away.
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When do you usually open your presents?
As soon as I’m able to find where they're hidden.
I usually give the boxes a few shakes, but I don't open until Christmas.
I wait until Christmas morning; it’s so much more special that way!
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Do you own a Christmas sweater?
Yes, but I don’t wear it unless I’m going to a sweater-themed party.
I own at least 2!
Of course I don’t own one of those! Can you say tacky?
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Does buying gifts for others make you happy?
It’s my favorite thing to do! I love giving the perfect gift.
Yes, but it really stresses me out.
I prefer to buy them for myself.
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What's your favorite thing about Christmas?
Spending some much needed time with loved ones.
Getting some time off work. I need the break!
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You're invited to an A-list Christmas party on the date of your gran's birthday. What do you do?
Find a way to attend both.
Go to the party, I can just reschedule with Granny.
Skip the party, there will be more of them, but I only have one Granny.
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Do you ever donate to charity at Christmas?
Eh, it’s not usually my top priority. I have a lot going on!
Usually, it is the season of giving, you know.
I donate to charity all year round.
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Do you usually spend a lot on Christmas presents?
I spend as much as I can afford. I want everyone to know how much I care!
I’m well known for my homemade cards and re-gifting my own belongings.
Yes, but I could probably spend a little more.
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To what extent do you decorate your house for Christmas?
I'm busy, but I make sure to always get the tree up at least.
I’m convinced Christmas is a commercial conspiracy, I’m not falling for it!
Lights, nutcrackers, wreaths, ornaments, candy canes - I do it all!
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Pick a Christmas song!
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Santa Baby
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
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What does Christmas mean to you?
A time for family and gratitude.
A time to unwind and relax.
A time for drinking and parties and presents.
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Do you believe in Santa?
Believe in Santa? OF COURSE I believe in Santa!
Come on, my little cousins believe in Santa.
I believe in the giving spirit of this magical season.
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