Quiz: A True NYC Local Should Score 15/18 On This Street Smarts Test!

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Are you a REAL New Yorker or just a wannabe?

Take this quiz to see how well you really know New York City by answering questions about local slang, businesses and foods.

 Jul 06, 2018
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If you think you know everything there is to know about New York City, take this fun quiz to find out. Have you travelled to New York City before? If you've been to the Big Apple, grew up there, or have just seen it in a million books and movies, this quiz will be fun for any of you! Find out if your are an NYC local, or just a wannabe NYC native tourist. Only the real New Yorkers will be able to get 10 out of 15! Let us see if you are up to the challenge!

This fun quiz about New York City, New York will be fun for anyone who has been there, but if you have not been there this quiz may be a little challenging because it asks about specific things that you would literally only know if you have been to New York City. This quiz asks about New York City food, cuisine, slang, landmarks, geography, facts, locations, boroughs, pizza, bagels, the Statue of Liberty, the tallest buildings, streets, the subway and so much more.

Being one of the most diverse and eclectic cities in the world - we all wish we could be from this amazing and exciting place! It's the Big Apple! It is the City that never sleeps! It is the Empire State. It is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. It is also known as the capital of the world. Clearly, New York City is a very prominent and important place. If you think you know all about this amazing city, take this New Yorker challenge and put your knowledge to the test, we swear you will have fun, and you might even learn some thing new!

This quiz will ask you about a range of different topics, from the specific language and slang that New Yorkers use, to the geography and lay out of the city, to the unique and delicious food that New York City offers. A few examples of some of the questions that will be asked are: New York is NOT famous for which of the following foods?, Which river lies between Manhattan and New Jersey?, T/F: The Empire State Building is the tallest building in NYC., Where is Columbia University located?, What was called the 8th World Wonder after it was built in 1931?, What does the slang word ‘brick' mean?, How many boroughs are in NYC?, Which is NOT a nickname for NYC?, What is located at 42nd street?, and more!

As you can see, you really have to know your stuff to be able to determine which song a single lyric is from. You must be the ultimate and biggestNew Yorker in order to get all 15 of these questions right. Did you grow up in NYC? Did you grow up in New York? If so, you have definitely got a great chance of passing this quiz with flying colors!

Do you like to test your knowledge of music? Are you the smartest one in your class? If so, you should take this quiz and prove it to yourself that you are one of the few people that are smart and musical enough to take this ultimate New York City quiz challenge. What are you waiting for? Check it out and make sure to share what you got!

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