Quiz: 99% Of People Won't Be Able To Finish This Quiz On Their First Go

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Are you smarter than 99% of the population?

Take this challenging quiz and answer a range of general knowledge trivia questions on subjects like history and science.

 Apr 13, 2018

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What color is a sapphire?

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What is the name of Homer Simpson's wife?

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What does Seismology study?
Water pressure

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In what English city would you find Buckingham Palace?

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What is the other name for the Academy Awards?
The Emmys
The Grammys
The Oscars

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What monster is the most frequently-portrayed monster in the history of horror movies?
Count Dracula
Freddy Krueger
Lochness Monster

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How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis?
One day
Six months
Three months

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Charles de Gaulle was President of which European country?

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On which street was the New York Stock Exchange established?
Wall Street
Madison Avenue
Fifth Avenue

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What is Batman's real name?
Bruce Wayne
Clark Kent

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What type of animal was Babe in the film of the same name?
A dog
A sheep
A pig

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What is the unit of currency in India?

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What planet has rings around it?

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Women blink twice as much as men. True or false?

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Rap originated In what country?
The United States

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After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. declared war on which country?

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France is part of the U.K. True or false?

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What mineral is a banana high in?
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