Quiz: 90% of Americans Will Fail This U.S. History Test. Will You?


If you're a history buff, step right up!

Prove that you know your American history by taking this quiz and answering questions every patriot should know.

 Feb 06, 2021

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The original 13 colonies (prior to independence) were ruled by which country?

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Which of these was NOT part of the original 13 colonies?
South Carolina

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How many years did George Washington serve as President for?
Under 5
Nearly 8
Over 10

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In what city was the Declaration of Independence signed?

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Who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition of the West?
Susan B. Anthony

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Why did colonists throw boxes of tea into the Boston Harbour?
To protest tax on tea
To stop the Native Americans from taking their tea
Because they had too much

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Which American President bought the Louisiana Territory from France?
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson

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The pilgrims on the Mayflower came from where?

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Was Abraham Lincoln assassinated before or after the Civil War?

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What was Columbus looking for when he arrived in America?

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Who wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"?
Thomas Jefferson
Francis Scott Key
John Adams

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Where did the Gold Rush occur?
New York

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The Battle of Gettysburg took place during which war?
War of Independence
Civil War
Vietnam War

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Roe V. Wade was a Supreme Court Case regarding...
Separation of Church and School

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What was the last state to join America?

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What was the nation's capital before Washington D.C.?
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