Quick: Finish These 25 Iconic 80s Lyrics As Fast As You Can!

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Can you remember all these '80s songs?

Finish the lyrics to popular 80s songs like "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and "Hurt So Good" to see if you really remember the 1980s!

 Mar 01, 2018

1 of 25Finish the lyrics to I Love Rock 'N Roll!

"I love rock n' roll, so put another dime ... baby"
in my hand
on the counter
in the jukebox

2 of 25Finish the lyrics to With or Without You!

"See the thorn ..."
twist in your side
stuck in your eyes
twist in your mind

3 of 25Finish the lyrics to Careless Whisper!

"Guilty feet have got no ..."

4 of 25Finish the lyrics to Walk Like an Egyptian!

"All the kids in the marketplace say ..."
ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
fa la la la la
badda bing badda boom

5 of 25Finish the lyrics to Footloose!

"Now I gotta cut loose Footloose, kick off the ..."
Sunday shoes
high heels

6 of 25Finish the lyrics to Hungry Like the Wolf!

"Smell like I sound, I'm lost ..."
in a crowd
on the ground
and I'm drowned

7 of 25Finish the lyrics to Time After Time!

"If you're lost you can look and ..."
find your way
you will find me
I'll see you

8 of 25Finish the lyrics to Thriller!

"It's close to midnight, something evil's lurking ..."
up the stairs
from the dark
in the ground

9 of 25Finish the lyrics to Like a Prayer!

"I hear you call my name, and it feels like ..."

10 of 25Finish the lyrics to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

"Oh daddy dear you know ..."
you're my only one
you're still number one
you're the fortunate one

11 of 25Finish the lyrics to Sweet Dreams!

"Some of them want to get ..."
to use you
used by you
abused by you

12 of 25Finish the lyrics to Total Eclipse of the Heart!

"And if you only hold me tight we'll be ..."
missing out forever
living life forever
holding on forever

13 of 25Finish the lyrics to I Wanna Dance with Somebody!

"Oh, I wanna dance with somebody I wanna ..."
feel the heat with somebody
dance to the beat with somebody
meet somebody

14 of 25Finish the lyrics to Jessie's Girl!

"Why can't I find a ..."
woman like that

15 of 25Finish the lyrics to Hurt So Good!

"Sometimes love don't ..."
last long enough
make it around
feel like it should

16 of 25Finish the lyrics to Eye of the Tiger!

"Just a man and his ..."
truth and lies
will to survive
tiger's eyes

17 of 25Finish the lyrics to Come on Eileen!

"Come on Eileen, oh I swear (what he means), at this moment, you ..."
mean everything
have changed a lot
make it up to me

18 of 25Finish the lyrics to Beat It!

"It doesn't matter who's ..."
wrong or right
lost or found
black or white

19 of 25Finish the lyrics to Like A Virgin!

"Didn't know how lost I was until I ..."
grew up
came to
found you

20 of 25Finish the lyrics to Livin' on a Prayer!

"Gina dreams of ..."
running away
work at the diner
work on the dock

21 of 25Finish the lyrics to When Doves Cry!

"How can you just leave me standing alone in a world that's so ..."

22 of 25Finish the lyrics to Take on Me!

"I'm to say I'll say it anyway, today's another day ..."
to find you
to love life
to grow up

23 of 25Finish the lyrics to Billie Jean!

"She's just a girl who claims that I am the one, but the kid is not ..."
my offspring
my son

24 of 25Finish the lyrics to I'll Be Watching You!

"Oh, can't you see you belong to me how my poor heart aches with ..."
every song you sing
every step you take
every mile you run

25 of 25Finis the lyrics to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!

"Don't leave me hanging on like a ..."
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