New England Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

new england

Only Real Yankees Allowed.

Find out whether you’re really from New England or not by taking this quiz and giving translations to traditional New England slang words.

 Aug 16, 2018
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What is a leaf peeper?
Someone who is a vegan
Someone who visits New England to see the changing leaves
Someone who uses alternative medicine
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What is a packie?
A liquor store
A supermarket
A school
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Which coffee shop do you consider a good alternative to Starbucks?
Dunkin' Donuts
Caribou Coffee
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
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What is a Hoodsie Cup is filled with?
French fries
Ice cream
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If someone has vigor, stamina and guts, then they have:
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What is candlepin bowling?
Bowling with small pins and a small ball
Outdoor bowling
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What is a frappe?
Milkshake or thickshake
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What is New Hampshire's state motto?
Live free or die.
Live free or suffer.
Live free or be a slave.
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What is American chop suey?
Fried rice
Tomato soup
Macaroni, beef and tomato sauce
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Ayuh is another way of saying:
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If someone mentions "the Cape," which one are they probably referring to?
Cape Ann
Cape Canaveral
Cape Cod
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How would you say you're going to make a u-turn?
I'm gonna bang a u-ey
I'm gonna turn this cart around
I'm gonna slap a pony
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A coffee with cream and sugar is known as a:
Iced coffee
Coffee regular
Milk coffee
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What is an elastic?
Something that holds up gym pants
Rubber band
A hair tie
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A grinder is a:
Hot sub sandwich
Social media app
Someone who works hard
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What are jimmies?
Chocolate Sprinkles
Sub Sandwiches
Salmon Eggs
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When you go to hospital, you have to wear a:
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What is a rotary?
A roundabout or traffic circle
A cooking utensil
A unit of measurement
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Statie is short for a:
State trooper
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What is another word for tonic?
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That book was ________ good.
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Samuel Adams is a type of:
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