Quiz: No One Can Name Every Single One Of These Products By Their Slogan

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Just do it.

Take this fun advertising slogans quiz to find out how well you really remember classic advertising taglines and sayings.

 Jun 08, 2018
WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts

When it comes to advertising, slogans play a huge role. They keep things succinct, which expressing a complex emotional concept that will stick in the minds of consumers and leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re trying to sell a television, a phone, a burger or a whole brand, it’s hard to influence the market without a memorable tagline that will set your product apart. The biggest and most successful brands rely on slogans to hook consumers and grow a sizeable, loyal fan and client base. Some of the companies who have used particularly memorable slogans and taglines in their advertising campaigns include Apple, Nike, Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Volkswagen, Dollar Shave Club,  L'Oréal, California Milk Processor Board, MasterCard, Nespresso, Dunkin' Donuts, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Adidas, Google, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Playstation, EA, Meow Mix, The New York Times, General Electric, Disneyland, Verizon, State Farm, Maybelline, The U.S. Marine Corps, Yellow Pages, Red Lobster, Coca Cola, Marathon Petroleum, Jaguar and Mazda. To pass this quiz, simply match up the slogan to the famous brand name which used it. Some of the slogans you’ll have to identify in this quiz are “Finger Lickin' Good”, “Taste the Rainbow”, “It Gives You Wiiiings”, “Every Little Helps”, “Because You’re Worth It”, “Just Do It”, “Ideas for Life”, “American by Birth. Rebel by Choice.”, “Share Moments. Share Life.”, “When There Is No Tomorrow”, “The Happiest Place On Earth”, “I’m Loving It”, “Make the Most of Now”, “Challenge Everything” and “Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession.”