Quiz: Only A 90s Kid Will Be Able To Name Every One Of These 90s Cartoons

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Can you really call yourself a 90s kid?

Take this nostalgic 90s TV show quiz to find out how well you really remember classic TV shows like "The Rugrats" and "The Wild Thornberrys".

 Jun 21, 2018
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Though it’s been nearly three decades since the 1990s began, many people still fondly remember the types of cartoons that were aired during this time. Though “The Simpsons” began in the late 1980s, fans believe that the golden years of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson took place in the seasons that went to air in the 1990s. Similarly, “Family Guy”, “King of the Hill”, “Futurama”, “South Park” and “Family Guy” all began in the ‘90s and have left a permanent mark on pop culture. Of course, there were other more child-friendly cartoons, like the classic “Rugrats”, which told the story of little Tommy Pickles, his friends Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille and of course, his mean older cousin Angelina Pickles. Another beloved cartoon of the 1990s was “Hey Arnold”, the story of the boy with the head shaped like a football. “The Wild Thornberrys” was another classic, featuring the adventures of Eliza Thornberry who could talk to animals, and the adventures she’d have with her quirky family as they traveled around the world. Another of the most famous and “meme-able” cartoons that premiered in the late 1990s was “Arthur” the aardvark, and his friends Buster and Francine, and his little sister D.W. More classic cartoons from this era include “CatDog”, the story of the cat and dog who must live together while conjoined to one another, and “Angry Beavers”, about the neurotic Dagget and smoothe Norbert. To see how well you remember the cartoons of the 1990s, take this quiz!