Medical Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Actually Know?

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Do you know the difference between chronic and acute pain? Then step right up!

Translate the medical terminology in this quiz to find out whether you might have what it takes to be a real doctor one day!

 Mar 08, 2018

1 of 20Define this word!

Skin condition
Heart condition
Mental illness

2 of 20Define this word!

Low blood sugar
Kidney failure
High blood sugar

3 of 20Define this word!

Instrument to listen to heartbeat
Instrument to look inside mouth
Instrument to check temperature

4 of 20Define this word!

Trouble listening
Trouble reading
Trouble speaking

5 of 20Define this word!

Painful blisters
Allergic reaction

6 of 20Define this word!

Natural death of an embryo
Purposeful death of an embryo
Getting pregnant without planning to

7 of 20Define this word!

Bone disease
Hair loss
Skin disorder

8 of 20Define this word!

Blocked sinuses
Recurrent headaches
Allergic reaction

9 of 20Define this word!

Pain that is extremely severe
A condition that is terminal
Pain that lasts less than 6 months

10 of 20Define this word!

Lasting longer than 6 months

11 of 20Define this word!

Non deadly

12 of 20Define this word!

Low blood sugar
Inability to sleep

13 of 20Define this word!

Brain tumor
Heart disease
Kidney disease

14 of 20Define this word!

Magnifying glass
Cutting instrument
Sewing instrument

15 of 20Define this word!

Inability to stay awake
Inability to possess normal emotions
Inability to reproduce

16 of 20Define these words!

Aortic pump
Gall bladder

17 of 20Define this word!

Inflamed spleen
Inflamed lungs
Inflamed liver

18 of 20Define this word!

Kidney failure
High blood pressure
Inflammatory arthritis

19 of 20Define this word!

Persistent hunger and weight gain
Condition affecting the eyes
Neurological disorder categorized by seizures

20 of 20Define this word!

Increased appetite
Memory loss
Inability to sleep
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