Only Someone With a Masters Degree Will Know the Definition of These Words

These words are simple, but do you really know what they mean?

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 Jun 30, 2018
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Question: 1/22Choose A Definition:

Reading someone's mind
Healing oneself without medicine
Seeing events in the future

Question: 2/22Choose A Definition:

Someone who doesn't have any beliefs
Another word for a Christian
Someone who is uncompromising and fanatical about an ideal

Question: 3/22Choose A Definition:

Not enough
More than enough

Question: 4/22Choose A Definition:

Something excellent, awe-inspiring, or impressive
Something that doesn’t make sense
Something pretty ordinary

Question: 5/22Choose A Definition:

Being ambitious in achieving your goals
Having no empathy for other people
Having wisdom with the future in mind

Question: 6/22Choose A Definition:

A feeling of being overtired
A feeling of sadness, depression, or unhappiness
A feeling of helplessness

Question: 7/22Choose A Definition:

To avoid doing something one doesn’t want to do
To perceive or recognize something
To lie about the truth

Question: 8/22Choose A Definition:

To judge someone for doing something
To accept or allow
To argue with someone

Question: 9/22Choose A Definition:

Friendly and agreeable spirit
Arrogant and judgmental spirit

Question: 10/22Choose A Definition:

A foolish or gullible person
Someone who expects to be given everything for free
Someone who is dedicated to a cause

Question: 11/22Choose A Definition:

An act of campaigning for something
An act of promoting something
An act of forbidding something

Question: 12/22Choose A Definition:

Someone who struggles to see things from another perspective
Someone who has studied numerous subjects
Someone who excels at public speaking

Question: 13/22Choose A Definition:

To go off on a tangent, leave the main subject
To explain further
To change one's mind

Question: 14/22Choose A Definition:

Someone who has a vendetta
Someone who argues for the sake of arguing
Someone who accepts established behavior

Question: 15/22Choose A Definition:

Being overly forgetful
Having or displaying sharp judgement, being clever
Excessive worrying

Question: 16/22Choose A Definition:

Forbidden from doing something
Unlikely to do something
Likely to do something

Question: 17/22Choose A Definition:

Still pure and in its original condition
Something that is exclusive
Damaged and broken

Question: 18/22Choose A Definition:

Devilish, impious
Very clever

Question: 19/22Choose A Definition:

Answerable, responsible

Question: 20/22Choose A Definition:

Obtain, by violence

Question: 21/22Choose A Definition:

Proven fact
Supposition, assumption
A research paper

Question: 22/22Choose A Definition:

Amount drawn in excess over the deposit
Living below the poverty line
A healthy savings account | Quiz Facts

Wondering how good you really are at defining tricky words? Take this fun and challenging quiz now to find out! Look at a word like “clairvoyant” and choose whether it means “seeing events in the future”, “reading someone's mind” or “healing oneself without medicine”. Similarly, when given the word “zealot”, pick either “someone who is uncompromising and fanatical about an ideal”, “another word for a Christian” or “someone who doesn't have any beliefs” as its definition. For the word “superfluous”, you can choose to define it as “more than enough”, “not enough” or “arrogant”, and for the word “sublime”, you can choose “something excellent, awe-inspiring, or impressive”, “something pretty ordinary” or “something that doesn’t make sense”. When you see the word “prudent”, you can choose either “having wisdom with the future in mind”, “having no empathy for other people” or “being ambitious in achieving your goals”, and when you see the word “melancholy”, you can decide whether it means “a feeling of sadness, depression, or unhappiness”, “a feeling of helplessness” or “a feeling of being overtired”. For the word “discern”, decide whether it means “to perceive or recognize something”, “to lie about the truth” or “to avoid doing something one doesn’t want to do”, and for the word “condone”, choose the definition “to accept and allow”, “to judge someone for doing something” or “to argue with someone”. When it comes to the word “amicable”, will you choose “friendly and agreeable spirit”, “unfriendly” or “arrogant and judgmental spirit”? Take the quiz now and see how many words you can correctly identify!